About Betacom

Betacom - is a financial service company that focuses on investments in 3 directions: investments in passenger transportation business, in car rental business and in real estate all around the world. In addition, the company issues loans for projects in aforementioned industries. Such a narrow focus of investment activities is explained by the fact that the company invested its own funds in the above-listed businesses for many years.

Besides that, Betacom is a co-owner of many firms in these markets. Thanks to this, Betacom's employees have an in-depth understanding of the markets and business processes that allow investing money with the highest possible return and minimal risks.

Our specialists can find the right project for you, which will bring you the desired income, based on the funds that you are ready to invest.


7 years of presence on the market
Highly qualified specialist
World-wide experience


Investments in passenger transportation business
Investments in car rental business
Real-estate investments

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